What Is a WIFI Router?

What Is a WIFI Router?

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Wireless Router
Simply A Wireless Router is a hardware device that can performs a lot of functions such as Router, Wireless Access point, and Switch as well. and they are commonly found in homes, or SOHO ( small office home office ) Networks.

Wireless Routers allows you to connect to the internet using WIFI connection through radio frequencies 2.4GHz or 5GHz without the need to use Wires.

Any Device with Wireless Network interface card ( WNIC ) such as your mobile phone, Tablet, Laptop or even your smart TV all of these devices just need your wireless username and password and then they will be connected to internet in just few seconds.

We have different types of Routers such as ADSL Routers, Broadband Routers and 3G/ 4G Routers each used depending on your internet connection you have got from your ISP (internet Service Provider).

So what is the difference between ADSL Router, Broadband Router and 3G/4G Routers?  

  •         ADSL Routers

 ADSL is a type of DSL ( Digital Subscriber line ) Technologies that converts digital signals into analog signals to be transmitted over Local Telephone Cables.
Your ISP provides you with internet service over your Telephone Line which is directly connected to RJ-11 Port on your Router.

Whenever you are buying a new router, Make sure that you are buying the right one compatible with your home connection As DSL Routers have a DSL Port to connect your telephone line to where the other broadband routers does not have that port.
Wireless Router, WIFI Router, Wireless, ADSL Router

  • Broadband Router
The newest type of connectivity using Fiber-Optic Technology which offers faster download Speeds to your home. and here your ISP provides you an internet service over Fiber optic Cables instead of your telephone Network

You will use an Ethernet Cable ( RJ-45 ) to be connected to your home router.

Some ADSL Routers have the option to let Port 4 on it works as WAN port so that you could use it with your Ethernet Cable directly.
Wireless Router, WIFI Router, Wireless, ADSL Router
  •    3G/4G/LTE Routers
 Routers depend on different mobile data technologies like 3G, 4G and finally LTE which is the latest and fastest mobile data standard nowadays.

These Routers provide you with internet connection wherever you are, you don't need to have a telephone line ( ADSL Connection) or broadband cable from your ISP as it contains a SIM slot or USB Port to directly connect a USB dongle with your mobile SIM Card.
Some other Broadband Routers offers Fail over function by containing a SIM Slot or USB port for 3G/4G Connectivity SO whenever your broadband connection went down your second Connection over 3G/4G will keep you connected to the internet.
Wireless Router, WIFI Router, Wireless, ADSL Router

Now We have a question

What will you do If you bought a Broadband Router while you have a DSL Connection?!

As I told you earlier that DSL Connection needs a DSL Router with DSL Port small connector (RJ-11). But the good news is you can use your broadband router in different ways.
  • If you have a modem or an old  ADSL Router, You could connect your modem to your phone line (RJ-11) and then connect your broadband router to your modem ( WAN Port ). Or if you have an old ADSL Router you could set it as a bridge and then connect it to your broadband router.

  • If You don't have both modem or an old ADSL router and you are going to buy another ADSL Router, in this case you could use your Broadband Router as Wireless Access point to Extend your Wireless Coverage and get benefits of the wireless speeds your broadband router have. As Most of broadband routers today uses 802.11 AC technology which provides higher data speeds over Wireless Connection.
I Will Show you how to configure/Setup your Router in different ways either for DSL Connection, Broadband Connection, 3G/4G/LTE Connection or as Wireless Access point in Next Articles so keep following Us.

To Summarize:

  •  Your Wireless router is your connection point to your ISP, it allows you to connect your devices to internet either wirelessly or using Ethernet Network Cable.
  •  There are different Routers depends on technology used Like: ADSL Routers, Broadband Routers and 3G/4G/LTE Routers.
  • You don't have to replace your new broadband router with DSL Router if you have a modem or an old DSL router that you can use as bridge.
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