How To setup D-link DSL-2740U Wireless Router?

D-link Wireless N300 ADSL2+ Wi-Fi Router DSL-2740U high-performance router
for home and the small office.
With integrated ADSL2/2+, supporting download speeds up to 24 Mbps.
dlink dsl2740u configuration steps

Topics to be covered in this article:

  • About D-link DSL-2740U Wireless Router.
  • How to Setup D-link DSL-2740U Wireless Router.
  • How to Change Wireless network name and password.
  • How to Upgrade DSL-2740U to it's latest firmware version.

About D-link DSL-2740U wireless N300 Router.

DSL-2740U Specifications......

  • 802.11n wireless LAN, Wireless speed: 300 Mbps.
  • Integrated ADSL2/2+, 24 Mbps downstream, 1 Mbps upstream.
  • Antennas: Dual 2x2 antennas.

DSL-2740U Interfaces....

  • RJ-11 ADSL port.
  • 4 RJ-45, 10/100BASE-TX Ethernet ports.
  • Power on/off switch.
  • Wireless On/ Off Switch
  • WPS Button.
  • Factory Reset Button.

DSL-2740U Front Panel...

dlink dsl-2740u front panel, dlink dsl2740u configuration

 DSL-2740U Rear Panel...

How to Setup dlink DSL-2740U wireless router...

Step 1 :
 You need to setup a connection between your laptop and your wireless router either using Ethernet cable (RH-45) or through Wireless connection.
  • Switch On your Router. Plug in power adapter.
  • Connect Ethernet cable between your laptop and one of LAN ports found on your router.
  • Or If you want to use your tablet/ Smart phone or any other wireless device, just search for wireless networks you will find wireless network named: dlink and have no security on it.
To make sure that there is a connection between your router and your laptop try using Ping Command To router default IP address

Step 2 : 
  • Open Internet Explorer or any other default browser.
  • Type in address bar Router default IP address >>
  • Press Enter.

dsl-2740u, dlink wireless router

 A pop screen Asking For username and password, "These are the default router login username and password.

DSL-2740U default login information, Username: admin, Password: admin
dlink, dsl-2740u, login information
IF you cannot access this page, Try resetting your router to its Factory default settings, you can see
How to reset your router to its factory default settings.

But you must know that Resetting router to its default settings erases all configuration did before on it.
dlink dsl-2740u, wireless router, default ip address

 Step 3:
  Click on Setup, From left-hand side menu Click on Internet Setup.
dsl2740u, wireless router

Step 4:
   At the end of the page select the line under "current ATM VC Table" and then click on edit . as in below screen.

dlink dsl-2740u, Wireless router

Step 5:
 Under Channel configuration section in the same screen please add below parameters as you got it from your ISP. here we will setup using Tedata Connection.
  • VPI= 0
  • VCI= 35
  • Encapsulation: LLC
  • Channel mode: PPPOE
  • PPP settings username: Type your username you got from your ISP
  • PPP Settings Password: Type your Password you got from your ISP
  • Click on Modify.
Channel configuration parameters Values may be vary from country to another and from ISP (internet Service Provider) to another ISP, So If you don't know what is the exact values for your line subscription Please Contact your ISP and ask for it.

Now you should be connected to internet, To make sure that your router is connected to internet and you have got real IP from your ISP.
Click on Status tab at the top right of your router configuration page.

dsl-2740u, wireless router, status page

Or Try Ping any website , For example: Ping

dsl-2740u wireless router, ping session

You may also like to watch a video of how to setup / Configure Dlink DSL-2740u Wireless Router

How to Change Wireless network name and password.

The Default wireless network name is Dlink, Open network (without password).
To change your wireless network name and set password for it (Network Security) so that no one can access your network easily, you have to follow below steps....

   To change default wireless/ WIFI network name on dsl 2740u router...

  •  Click on setup, From left-hand side menu over wireless Setup select Wireless Basics.
dlink dsl-2740u wireless router, wifi settings

  • SSID (is your WIFI network name), delete dlink and type your own name.
  • Click on Apply Changes.
dsl2740u, WIFI setup, Wireless router

  To Setup WIFI Security, Set Wireless Password...

  • Click on setup, From left-hand side menu over Wireless Setup select Wireless Security.

dsl2740u, security, dlink
  • Encryption: either WEP (Weak Security encryption) or WPA/WPA2, We will use WPA TKIP.
  • Preshared key format: Passphrase.
  • Pre shared key : is the place where you have to type your new password. (Password to be more than 8 characters or numbers ).
  • Click on Apply Changes.

dlink dsl-2740u, WIFI settings, WIreless Security

 How to Upgrade DSL-2740U to it's latest firmware version.

Upgrading your router my solve a lot of performance issues. So it's better to keep up with any available updates from your vendor site.
Before upgrading your router you must know the following:
  • Your router hardware version (H/W) and firmware version(F/W) information, you could found this information on the label found on the back side of your router.
  • For example, if your router H/W Version is "A1" and F/W version on it is "3.00" so you will search for same hardware version but latest version maybe 3.01 or 3.02 
  • Download Firmware file related to your router hardware version form trusted sites in your region ( Middle East, US,...) only and it should be related to your vendor.
  •  while upgrading your router, it's better to use Ethernet cable directly connected between your router and your laptop.
  • Don't Power Off your router during Firmware upgrade process is running... as this may damage your router.
For D-link DSL-2740U and any other dlink products in middle east region  you can download Firmware files from the link dlinkmea 
or from the link >> Dlinktechnicalsupport.

Steps to Upgrade dlink DSL-2740U Wireless Router:

  • Click on Maintenance, from left-hand side menu click on Firmware Update.
  • Click on Browse, Select the firmware file you downloaded earlier.
  • Click on Update Firmware.
Please wait till The pgrade process finished and then restart your Router DSL-2740U (Plug off power adapter and then plug it again).

dlink dsl 2740u, WIFI, Update firmware

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Zeinab Hassan

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  1. well that is realy very helpful but i need to connect my DSL-2740U to my main router i could do it wiered but i need to connect it wireless through WDS which i cann't find in DSL-2740U SO i need some help please

    1. Hi Amr, DSL-2740U does not have WDS option or even Repeater mode instead you may need Range extender. or you can use it as Access point to your main router.

  2. Hello, I opened my router page and headed to the maintenance section but there is no upgrade firmware on the left! my firmware Version: ME_1.00
    Need help please on how to upgrade the firmware on DSL-2740U

    1. Hello Amr, what is your device hardware version ? may be you have different HW version
      you can also check your latest Firmware and upgrade process with Technical support team over phone 02-25866777