How to Change Wifi Password ?

How to Change WiFi Password ?

Today I'll gonna show you a few tips for how to change your Router WIFI Password:

First of all you have to make sure which password you want to change if you have more than one Wireless Network at your home.

Is it your Router WIFI Password or you have a WIFI Extender or Access point devices that you want to change their Wirelss password.

Lets Say that you need to change Your Router WiFi Password in this case you need to login to your Router Configuration Page.

How to Login into your router configuration page?

You have two methods: 
First : Connect a wire (Ethernet Cable RJ-45) between Your Router (LAN Port) and your Laptop NIC Ethernet port. see below screen.
Second : From your laptop, Open Internet Explorer page, Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox Type in the address bar  http://your router default IP address , most of routers it will be  and Default login information username : admin , Password : admin

See below picture:
Router Login Page
If You typed  "" and you didn't get Router login page Click here

Third : From router main page click on Setup  Then Wireless Setup Then Wireless Securit
D-link DSL-2740U Wireless Security
Your WiFi Password has different names based on your encryption type.
If Encryption: WEP then your WIFI password will be Encryption Key 1 as in below screen.

Just Delete dots inside Encryption key 1 and type your New password.
Then Click on Save Settings

If Encryption: WPA then your WIFI password will be Pre -Shared Key as in below screen.

In This case you will Delete dots inside Pre Shared Key and type your New password.
Then Click on Save Settings.

After Changing Your WIFI Password You may face some problems to reconnect again to your Wireless Network name from your laptop or mobile.

To solve This issue you have to Forget/ Delete Your wireless network profile and connect again.

If you're using Windows 10 >> click on the wireless Icon in the right bottom >> right click on your wireless network name and then select Forget.
Now you could select again your wireless network name and click on connect, it will ask you to type the new password you have changed later.

 What IF your router login page didn't open after you entered192.168.1.1 ?

Well there are some steps you may follow to solve this:

1- Make sure that your Router Default IP address is
    If you don't know your router default IP address , it may be written on a white label on the back of  your Router like below screen:
D-link DIR-600L
As you see This Router Default IP Address :
and there are other routers with default IP address
So check first what is your Router default IP address before trying to access it.

2-  Make sure that there is a connection between your laptop and your router either using cable or using wireless connection. to make sure that there is a good connection use PING command to your router default IP Address.

3- Delete your Browser Cache files and try to type again your router default IP address.

4- Try Another Browser.

5- Restart Your Router. Turn your Router OFF and then Turn It ON again.

To summarize:

 If you want to change your Router Wireless Password:
 1- Open Router Configuration page.
 2- Go to wireless settings, Wireless Security Settings.
 3- Your WIFI password may be written as Encryption Key or Pre-shared key or WIFI Password it   changes from brand to another. any way that is the place where you will type the new password you prefer. but try to make it complex using numbers, characters and special characters also.
 4- Click on Save settings or Apply Settings.

For any inquires please Leave a comment and we will reply it ASAP.

Zeinab Hassan
Zeinab Hassan

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