How to Setup D-link DSL-2888A Wireless Router?

How to Setup D-link DSL-2888A Wireless Router?

D-link, DSL-2888A, Wireless Router, ADSL/VDSL
D-link DSL-2888A

D-link DSL-2888A Wireless AC1600 Dual band Gigabit ADSL2+/VDSL2 Modem Wireless Router Provides you with the high speed internet access at your home.

Why D-link DSL-2888A?

  • Superior Wireless Speed: The DSL-2888A Provides Gigabit wireless speeds of up to 1600 Mbps, allowing users to participate in real time activities online, such as Online Gaming ,HD Video Communication
  • Superior Internet Connectivity: with 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet Wan Port, DSL modem supporting up to 100Mbps Downloads, Plus USB Ports which support Mobile 3G/4G Broadband Dongles.
  • Support IPv6. 
  • Advanced Firewall Features: Content Filtering based on Mac Address/ URL / Domain Name.

DSL-2888A Wireless Router Hardware view

DSL-2888A Front Panel LEDs

Wireless Router, DSL-2888A, Front View
DSL-2888A Front View
  1.   Power Light
  2.   Internet Light
  3.   WPS Light
  4.   2.4G wireless Light
  5.   5G Wireless Light
  6.   USB Light
  7.   Internet Light
  8.   LAN Ports 1-4
  9.   DSL Light 
DSL-2888A Back Panel 
WirelessRouter, ADSL/VDSL, AC1600
DSL-2888A Back Panel
  1.   DSL Port
  2.   LAN Ports (1 - 4 )
  3.   Reset Button
  4.   WAN Port
  5.   USB 2.0 Port
  6.   Power Connector
  7.   Power Button
DSL-2888A Side Panel
Wireless Router, DSL-2888A, D-link
DSL-2888A Side Panel
  1.    USB 2.0 Port
  2.   WPS Button
  3.   Wireless Button

How To Setup D-link DSL-2888A

DSL-2888A, Wireless Router, ADSL/VDSL,
      1.  IF You have a telephone connected directly to your phone outlet, Use the supplied Splitter to    be directly connected to the phone outlet, and then connect your telephone to phone port on splitter. 
      2. Connect DSL Port on Splitter to DSL Port On DSL-2888A 
      3. Plug the power adapter into your modem Router and connect it to an available power Outlet.
      4.  If you wish to use wired connection   Connect the Ethernet Cable from LAN port on DSL-2888A to Lan port On your Laptop.

      5.  If you wish to use wireless connection, Connect to one of the wireless Networks listed on the bottom of the device Label.

      6.  Open internet Explorer Page and type the default IP Address for DSL-2888A >
   Like below screen
DSL-2888A Wireless Router

  7.  Default Username is : admin and default password is : admin.
  8.  Cancel setup Wizard pop up screen for now.
  9.  Click on Setup Then Select internet.
  10.  Fill the following Fields with your internet line Settings...
Note: The following parameters/Values is valid for Te-data or Orange ISPs 

   - Wan Type: ADSL
   -  Interface: ATM0
   -  VPI= 0 , VCI= 35
   -  My Internet Connection is : PPPOE
   -  Set your ISP Username/ Password and set Reconnect mode : Always on
         -  Click on advanced settings under ipv4 settings >>>   you could add primary/secondary DNS   server addresses.
            For Example Te-data Primary DNS Sever Address:
            and Secondary DNS Address:

  11.  Click on Save.
        12.  Click on Failover Wan 
DSL-2888A, Wireless Router, ADSL/VDSL,
  13.  In Fail Over WAN we will configure VDSL Connection with same ISP Parameters

     -  WAN Access Type: VDSL
     -  Interface : PTM0
     -  VPI= 0 , VCI = 35
     -  My Internet Connection is : PPPOE
     -  Set your ISP Username/ Password and set Reconnect mode : Always on
           -  Click on advanced settings under ipv4 settings >>>   you could add primary/secondary DNS    server addresses. same thing like above.
  14.  Click on Save.

Based on your Connection Type ADSL or VDSL your Router DSL-2888A will negotiate and connect to one of them with it's peak speed.
You may Ask now how to Setup Wireless on DSL-2888A, How to Change your Wireless Network name or your wireless password?
Also what are the steps you may follow to ensure security to your network?!
How to Enable Parental Control on DSL- 2888A and save your children from unacceptable content.

Just Follow us and we will explain in details all the steps you need to make the best usage from your internet Home Router.

Thank you for reading, Please Leave a comment in case if you have any inquires.

Zeinab Hassan
Zeinab Hassan

Network/Communication Engineer


  1. Perfect That worked for me, TE-DATA Engineers coudn't help, But you made it thanks :) :)

    1. Thank you for your comment :) so glad that it worked fine with you now

  2. I have this router, and its advanced settings doesn't appear on any browser except Microsoft internet explorer and Microsoft Edge!

    Does anyone have this problem?

  3. I would like to ask you would you recommend this router over TE-DATA new vdsl router hg633 intems of wifi coverage and stability

  4. السلام عليكم ممكن لو سمحت الترجمه بالعربى

    1. الترجمة مش مفيدة لان الراوتر بالانجليزية

  5. Thank you so much for this post. I have an issue with this router.
    the 5GHz WiFi is working perfectly but when switching to the 2.4GHz, the connection becomes very slow. and I don't know how to solve it. Thanks!

    1. WIFI Performance may be affected by many Factors especially 2.4GHz band. most prone to interference, you may try to change Wireless Channel, channel width, change router place,..

    2. I'm experiencing the same with no solution, were you able to fix it?

  6. could you help in vdsl there is no vpi and vci values to add it

    1. Yes, VDSL Connectione doesn't require VPI or VCI values :)

  7. Can i set this up as a router for my existing nbn modem

  8. This is so helpful I spent 5 hours with WE guys trying to configure and connect the router with no value till I found your way .. thanks so much for helping other users :)

  9. لو سمحتى كيف يمكننة تعطيل خيار WPS فى هذا الموجه

  10. I am so screwed up with this router
    I just need to connect from my 5g router to d link router... how should I do this step by step.. i tried many ways.. nothing is happening.. after everything its showing no Internet access and no connection detected...

  11. I want to activate router dual band

  12. Is this modem compatible with nbn?

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  14. when i press advanced settings to change DNS manual nothing happing even I install last upgrade , is any help you could do for me pls ?

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