How Can I increase my WI-FI Speed and overall Wireless Performance?
How to increase your WIFI Speed?
      Innovations in Wi-Fi technology nowadays are about how to make it faster with wider coverage than previous generations.
Maybe you are searching now for How to increase your Wireless speed cause your video is not streaming perfectly, you cannot upload/ download files smoothly over Network Or even your wireless signal is not covering your whole area.
If you are searching for ways to solve any of these problems before going to buy a new Wireless Router
You are in the right place, as we will show you in this article the most working tips to solve your wireless Speed Problem.

      1-     Select a good place for your router.

Router placement at your home/ office has a big impact on your signal coverage. So, what do you need to do to set your router in a good place?
Keep your router away from:
·         Devices emitting electromagnetic waves like microwaves.
·         Walls and obstructions.
·         other electronics like baby monitors, cordless phones, fairy lights and speakers.
            Do your best putting your router in a central place away from other devices that may cause        interference and decrease the coverage signal. 

      2-     Change your Wireless Channel.

              Selecting the proper WIFI channel can significantly improve your WIFI coverage 
           and performance.
           By default, nowadays most wireless routers choose the wireless channel for you and in 
          most cases, it will be channel 6 (we have three non-overlapping WIFI channels 1, 3 and 6)
          This results in a WIFI traffic congestion on that channel because of the number of 
          devices connected to it. 

          The solution is simple to know the least occupied channel you could use a tool like 
          Wi-Fi   Analyzer or Wi-Fi Scanner can help you identify router channels with  
          more bandwidth around you.
          Then open your router setting page and change the channel number like below:

   3-     Use a powerful security to your wireless network and even your router.

Let me tell you basic steps you could follow to guarantee a secure network:

  • Use a strong, Long and Complex WIFI password containing Special characters and number
  • Use WPA/WPA2 encryption for your WIFI networks’ password.
  • Instead installing your wireless manually, you could use WPS (WIFI protected Setup) by   configuring your router to only use a push-button method (physically hitting buttons on devices you want to connect via WPS). We will explain how to configure WPS on your Router in future posts
  • Change your router’s default login page from admin/admin into Admin/password. 
  •  Disable any “remote management” services your router offers like telnet. You could make  your WIFI name invisible (Check your Router Settings) to any one, only the one knows the WIFI name (SSID) and password will be connected.

   4-  Enable QOS (Quality of service on your Router).

         As Playing online games, conducting video chats, streaming movies and videos take up a lot of bandwidth , most of modern Routers today have a QOS Feature Which allows you to prioritize certain applications over others.

You could give your online gaming session highest priority than streaming videos on YouTube or even downloading huge files from internet. And so, you could guarantee that your online gaming session won’t ever be interrupted again.

   5-  Upgrade your Router to its latest firmware version.

        Make sure that your router's firmware is up-to-date, you may heard about the growing number of large-scale malware attacks that infects router performance and spread itself across the network to other devices. Router updates help saving your router from newly attacks and also guarantee better performance than the old one.

The latest firmware update can be downloaded from your router manufacturer's website.
 IF you are Looking for even more ways to increase your Wi-Fi speed and extend the Coverage at your place you may check these steps:

1-  Buy a new router with 802.11 AC Technology.

      The newest wireless technology, IEEE 802.11 AC, offers superior download and
 upload speeds as well as improved range compared to older WIFI technologies. 
      As The 2.4GHz frequency is crowded the latest 802.11AC routers offer two Wi-Fi bands, 
      one at 2.4GHz, and the other one at 5GHz band.

       5GHz band provides faster data rates at shorter distances and is typically much less busy
       than 2.4GHz wireless frequency.

       So, if you can, you should use the 5GHz, which is far less crowded and offers more channels.  
       You could also split your devices between the two bands.

You need to make sure that your WIFI-enabled devices, such as smartphones and laptops, support 5 GHz band.

     2-  Buy a WIFI adapter for your older laptop.

               If you have an AC Router but your laptop working with old WIFI technologies, 
          you can always buy an 802.11ac adapter that plugs into your laptop’s USB port.
           This is an easy way to get faster WIFI speeds when paired with a 802.11ac router that 
          has similar capabilities

3-    Think about Considering a WIFI mesh system.

             WIFI Mesh technology Eliminate your dead zones permanently and get truly seamless 
             home networks with less Wi-Fi disruption.

       We will talk about WIFI mesh technology in details soon, but for now let me give you
       a brief  to WIFI Mesh system benefits:

              -   Seamless Network
                              Automatically connect to the strongest signal as you move around your home.
             -   Auto Configuration 
                              Mesh nodes automatically know their role in the mesh network.
               -  Auto Healing 
                             Got a failed node? Wi-Fi Mesh automatically establishes an alternative path to 
                             the mesh  router.
            -  Auto Channeling
                              Wi-Fi Mesh nodes automatically and dynamically select the channel with least
                              interference and overlap.
             -  Auto Optimization 
                             Mesh nodes automatically find the shortest (and fastest) path to the mesh router.

 4-     Install A WIFI Range Extender.

                  A Wi-Fi extender extends the range of your current Wi-Fi network (up to 50% Coverage).
               It connects to your current Wi-Fi network and rebroadcasts its own signal.
               Some Range extenders could repeat your main router wireless name and password 
               while other extenders give you the ability to change Wireless network name 
               and so password as well.

Finally, Don’t Forget to Reboot (Switch it off and on again) your router, A reboot clears the router’s memory and enhance performance.


      To increase your router WIFI speed/ Performance just follow one or more of below tips:  
                    1 -      Select a good place for your router.
                    2-      Change your Wireless Channel.
                    3-      Use a powerful security to your wireless network and even your router.
                    4-      Enable QOS (Quality of service on your Router).
                    5-      Upgrade your Router to its latest firmware version.
      If you are thinking about upgrading your network with new Device check below solutions:
                    1-      Buy a new router with 802.11 AC Technology
                    2-      Buy a WIFI adapter for your older laptop.
                    3-      Install A WIFI Range Extender.
                    4-      Think about Considering a WIFI mesh system



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