What are Parental Controls?

Are you worry about your children's who are starts using the internet?
Parental controls Such a great basic way of helping parents Control their children's internet usage.

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Parents control are filters allowing you to create your own Checklist, either allowing internet access to only specific Websites or restrict internet access to Websites with unsuitable content such as violence or pornography.

You can set time schedules, to control the time of day that children can access the internet.
you may create different profiles for each family member with their suitable access level.

Most of new routers / Home modems contain parental control feature where you could set it up and
use so easily.

Does my Home Router Contain Parent control  Feature?

 You Could check this information from your home router user manual (Check it on the internet using your Router model number) or from router GUI interface itself (by opening your router default IP Address).

Sample Parent Control Configuration--- dlink DSL-224 VDSL/ADSL Wireless Router.

How To Setup Parental Control?

 1- Connect to your Router either using Wired connection or through Wireless Network.
 2- Open Internet Explorer, type in address bar 
Parental Control, Dlink, dlink, dsl-224
 3- Default username: admin, default password: admin
 4- Click on advanced >> from the left-hand side you will find parent control.

dlink, dlink dsl-224, parental control

Parent Control >> URL Block

 In this section, You're able to block any website (except for those who can be accessed using HTTPS protocol)
This is a very important point, you cannot block a website like Facebook.com, google.com or youtube.com through Home router with limited features, you may need advanced security device if you'd like to block such websites.

dlink, routerwswitch.com, parental control
As shown in the screen
First select Enable in front of URL Blocking Capability 
Then either selecting Block any URL Or Enter a website name inside Keyword Field.

If you set up a schedule before you can select it by checking on Existing schedule or select Manual schedule if you didn't create it before.
This schedule identifies which days and time that you want to block the website for.
After that just click on Add Filter.

If you need to edit it, click on the round circle inside the URL blocking Table update it and then click on Modify Filter.

Parent Control >> Online Time Limit

In this page you are able to manage the time of surfing the Internet, after enabling this feature, only the specific PCs you defined either using it's IP address or MAC address can surf the Internet in specific time segment.

Before enabling this feature, you must Check that the time of the router is correct, To check it Go to Setup >> time and date.

dsl-224, dlink, wireless router

 -- Select Enable in front of Online time limit >> Click on Apply
 -- Date >> If selected it will check all days from Sunday to Saturday, Don't Select it if you want to check specific days of the week.

 -- Time >> If Selected it will be all-day 24 hours, Don't select it if you want to allow online time limit for a specific time through the day, Enter a Start and End time you need.

 -- Now you have to select either to use your PC/ Laptop IP address or MAC Address.

 IF IP Address selected then you have to enter a PC IP address in both fields like
 or you could enter a range of IP's if you pre-defined it like

So Pc's that have IP's from to will only access the internet through the time and date you set above.

 Note: you have to set the IP static/Manual for your devices not to leave it for DHCP So that you could guarantee it won't change.

 -- Now click on Add Rule.

Parent Control >> Schedules

 Here you could create more than Schudel based on your needs to be used in other features to define when those features are in effect.

parental control, dlink, VDSL, Wireless router

Rule Name -- Give each schedule a name that is meaningful to you.
Days -- If selected will check on all days from Sun to Sat.
             If Not selected, you have to check on days you need only.
All Day (24 Hour) -- Either Select it or enter hours you need inside time boxes as shown in the screenshot above.

Note: Time and date on the router must be set Correctly for schedules to work properly.
To check it Go to Setup >> time and date.

Then Click on Add Rule.

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  1. Hello, suppose if we need to allow internet access to a particular PC for 2 different time slots, say one in the morning time and another in the evening time, how to configure (2 different time slots, 1 hour each). Please help.

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